Design Challenge – RC Hovercraft

In this design challenge, each team was given one week to build an RC hovercraft with given materials including foam, motors, servo, etc… I teamed up with Nigesh and Kanishka for this challenge as team “Hangman”, and we decided to go for a traditional design of a hovercraft. We first cut out the foam base of the hovercraft in the first day. Then in the second day, while I was taking care of the electrical circuit of the hoverboard with motors and servo, Nigesh and Kanishka designed propeller holders. We finished our design and successfully run it in the final day of design process.


Figure 1: Our hovercraft design

We joined the race the next day. We competed in drag race and round trip race. During the race, our hovercraft was broken apart when we meet the bump because it is not sturdy enough. So we fixed our hovercraft and applied a lot of duck tape and tried the second time. This time we did pretty good in the round trip that we got third place.


Figure 2: The hovercraft race