[Research] Analysis on Smart Residential Microgrid Testbed

I, powerParser.py

This program will parse all the important data in all the log file that in place in the same folder with this program into 1 single csv log file. This only parse the power data with the unit of kW. There are 3 mode: 1 (5 min data), 3 (15 min data), and 12 (hourly data).

Some of the label of the output log file is explained below:

  • Utility: The total power of the system
  • P_ab: Power from panel a and b (similar to Utility)
  • PV: Power generated from PV system
  • Demand: Power used by load in the house
  • P_unmetered: Power of loads that are not metered by the AccuRev

When run the program, it will ask for the path of the folder. Put in the full path of the log folder. Don’t use any extra character. Then when it ask for output file name don’t put in “.csv”.

II, parser.py

Similar to powerParser in term of parsing data, this program is suitable for parsing a single or small amount of log files. Put in the “files” list all the name of log files you want to parse in the form of Python string and run the program.

III, PV_analysis.m

From ENGR 100 lab. Basically it will parse the PJMLMP, PJM Load data and PV data and generate graphs.

IV, datalog_analysis.m

This MATLAB program will plot all the power data from all channel and also generate another plot with only load power data. Besides, another output is the txt file with has maximum, minimum, mean, median of each channel.

Put all the data file in one folder to do analysis.