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Cyclopi – Object Classification with Raspberry Pi and IoT Edge

Motivation and values

Project Description

  • CycloPi is an IoT device that do image classification from a streaming video with cloud-based central monitoring and reporting
  • CycloPi can act as an additional scanner at a self-service check out. For example, at Tesco whenever I buy banana or some certain type of grocery, I have to find them in the database. With CycloPi, it can immediately tell what I get and register it into the online inventory.  

Why IoT Edge?

Edge computing means to process data close to where the things happen 

  • Quick response time and having access to the system even when the internet is down
  • Use less network bandwidth
  • Protect privacy
  • Processing everything in the cloud can sometimes be too expensive

=> processes images from camera locally using machine learning and computer vision, then sends the processed data to the cloud to monitor, so the  cameras act as a sensor providing the content of the images. 


Laptop stand

As the new semester coming up, I reorganized my study space in my room. One of the thing I need is a laptop stand since I am getting a new monitor and keyboard. So, I designed my own laptop stand on SolidWorks and used a laser cuter to cut out cardboard pieces. I assembled it using hot glue.


Figure 1: My SolidWorks design and my final assembly
Figure 2: Laser cut
Figure 3: My laptop on the new laptop stand
Figure 4: My new workspace